Thursday, March 06, 2008

My New Favorite Blog

Nationals Inquisition rips into Mike Bacsik, and I feel compelled to link.
Mike Bacsik cut in the first round of cuts shocking? Hardly. I think he knew it was coming. He was down in Spring Training really trying to sell himself off to the fans. He was signing everything under the sun, asking if they wanted him to write 756 on their balls and bats (majority of people said no), even coming back after finishing warming up for another round of autograph signing. This guy has a promising career in the Sports Convention Circuit. His table will probably be put right between Pete Rose’s and the Funnel Cake stand.

Well done!

And for the small minority of yokels who actually DID want an autograph that celebrates failure, you're all idiots!

I don't begrudge a scrub pitcher like Bacsik from trying to make a few bucks on the autograph circuit. But to capitalize (or to try to, at least) on the 'fame', while he's still playing and still playing for the SAME TEAM as if HE were the one who had the achievement is crass, tacky, and stupid.