Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nats PR Fail History

Yes, I'm a negative prick. Deal with it.

I'm perusing the ol' promo schedule at, and this is driving me crazy. Check the promo scheduled for May 3.

While I suppose it's possible that they're celebrating one of the Negro Leagues, I'd bet that that's not what they're going for, and that the PR staff who put that out is ignorant. (Since what I do is assume the worst in people, ya know?)

The Negro Leagues is the term given to any number of (at first) loosely coordinated Negro baseball teams. In the early days, it really wasn't organized exactly the way we'd envision as a league today, but as the team owners saw potential for growth (notably through Rube Foster's efforts), the organized. 1920 saw the creation of the Negro National League. Later, the Eastern Colored League would form up, and it's their meetings which became the Negro Leagues World Series. A number of other 'major' Negro Leagues would form, disband and reform over time, so the exact composition was essentially always in flux.

So it's not ok to honor the "Negro League." That'd be like trying to honor the "Major League". Which one?

I'd recommend that the Nats PR staff skip the Disney training and head to Kansas City. Or maybe Mr. Kasten needs to start a book club?


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