Sunday, January 27, 2008

Intercepted Communications

After reports of Paul LoDuca's "training-related" (wink wink) knee injury surfaced last week, my first inclination was to call up my good buddy Jim and have him ask Aaron Boone about the process for tearing up contracts because of knee injuries. With that fantasy not likely to become a reality, we're resigned to see the Pusher three to six weeks after his impending knee surgery, much like the groundhog (another rat-like creature) reemerging from his hole.

Although LoDuca has been hibernating in that hole, avoiding the general public, especially post-Mitchell, he's still communicating with the team and his friends. Since his cell phone IS TOAST!, he's resorting to his second favorite form of communication: the hand-written note.

Thanks to the incompetence of the US Postal Service, I've come across a few of these notes, and I thought I'd share them with you, the loyal reader.

Some are benign:

Some try to reassure the players:

Some try to reassure the manager:

Some hope for a quick cure:

Some don't contain anything new:

And some just want to taunt.


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