Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nook Logan, HGH Cheat!

Nook Logan (along with Paul Lo Duca -- who wrote the HGH dealer on Dodger's stationary!) is named in the Mitchell Report.

If that doesn't convince you that HGH doesn't work, nothing will!

  • Other Nats...

    Mike Stanton, Jose Guillen and Gary Bennett (another data point in the efficacy death rattle!),

  • The Lo Duca section is interesting.
    Radomski estimated that he engaged in six or more transactions with Lo Duca. Insome transactions, Radomski sent the performance enhancing substances by overnight mail to Lo Duca’s home or to the Dodgers clubhouse and Lo Duca sent Radomski a check a week or so later.

    Radomski produced copies of three checks from Lo Duca, each in the amount of
    $3,200. All are included in the Appendix. Radomski said that each check was in payment for two kits of human growth hormone.

    According to the notes of an internal discussion among Los Angeles Dodgers
    officials in October 2003 that were referred to above, it was reportedly said of Lo Duca during the meetings:
    Steroids aren’t being used anymore on him. Big part of this. Might have some value to trade . . . Florida might have interest. . . . Got off the steroids . . . Took away a lot of hard line drives. . . . Can get comparable value back would consider trading. . . . If you do trade him, will get back on the stuff and try to show you he can have a good year. That’s his makeup. Comes to play. Last year of contract, playing for 05.

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