Thursday, December 13, 2007

No Christmas Card For The Rocket

Nats 320 interviews Brian Schneider, getting some trade reactions from him. SBF also asks Schneider about Bill Ladson's comments from his last mailbag, where Ladson ripped Schneider for not being a leader and for always hiding from the press. Schneider's response:
Its funny, how I have just been traded. I am gone now. I don’t know why he continues to personally feel he has to say negative things about me and bash me—knowing there is no way I can fend for myself. Yet, he continues to do it. When I hear him talk about leadership in the clubhouse--he doesn’t know what is going on in the clubhouse. We have our own clubhouse and things that go on there. He has no idea. But, he feels he needs to continue to write about it. He really has no idea. More than half the time—it’s not correct at all. I chuckle and I laugh because it’s not even close to the truth.

There's one fewer Christmas Card that Schneider has to send!

I was reminded of a story from early in the 2006 season when aired a comment about Schneider from an anonymous source, saying that Schneider was 'complacent'. That comment was later pulled from the story with no explanation given.

  • Schneider, to me, seems like the quiet leader type, not the kind of guy like Dmitri that's going to stand up in the middle of the clubhouse and move guys with his larger-than-life personality. He's the kind of guy, it seems, whose actions speak loudly. For whatever his faults as a player, he really did appear to command the team and the game from the catcher's box, even if the ultimate results were mixed.

    As far as the claim that he didn't make himself available enough, I wasn't in the clubhouse so I can't speak to that, but it always seemed like stories had a quote or two from him, and the few times you caught a Nats interview on TV, it seemed to be with Schneider. Maybe he wasn't always available or give interesting stuff, but he hardly seems to have been the worst (from the outside, of course).


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