Thursday, December 13, 2007

My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Noted PLoD puffer Bill Plaschke, in light of today's report, backtracks a bit from his prior deification of Paul Lo Duca: "The renowned leadership of catcher Paul Lo Duca?

A sham."

Heady stuff from the guy who's love for Lo Duca led him to repeatedly bash LA's then-GM day after day after day after day for loving spreadsheets and not manly virtuous men who will their teams to victory with the sheer volume of their charisma like Paul Lo Duca.


Nevermind! /Litella

Are we going to see the same from Tom Boswell? Is he going to take a step back, look at his godawful lionizing column that painted Lo Duca as some trash-humping bastard child of Gen. Geo. Washington and George Patton? Will he, like Plaschke, admit he's wrong?

I doubt it.

Oh, I'm sure there'll be a throw-away line, lumping Lo Duca in with Logan and the other Nats who were accused. But he'll focus instead on Clemens, Pettite, maybe Tejada (gotta hit those O's!). Eh. Whatever. (Hopefully he'll prove me wrong!)

UPDATE: He proved me wrong!

He didn't even mention Lo Duca in passing! It's an excellent column, though. Boz is, at his heart, a fanboy. And when someone crosses that fanboy, look out. For whatever his faults, Boz really was the first major sportswriter to bring up the steroids topic, years ago when he fingered Jose Canseco. (sorry for the disturbing image)


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