Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Me. God Help Us All

Harper from OMG has gotten around to doing something that's crossed my mind a few times: setting up a round-table of other like-minded self-important bloggers!

He invited me along for the first installment, talking about the busy week or so that the Nats have had. And along with ol' pal and former blogger Basil, we kibitzed a bit.

If you're interested to see what the three of us had to say, check it out.


  • Chris -

    I played around with the lineup tool at Baseball Musings with last year's OPS and came up with this optimized lineup for 2008:

    4.875 runs per game

    1 - Guzman
    2 - Young
    3 - Kearns
    4 - Pena
    5 - Milledge
    6 - Zimmerman
    7 - Belliard
    8 - pitcher
    9 - Flores

    I think it's interesting that it seems to like the pitcher batting 8th - La Russa likes it - think we can get Manny to do it?
    It would also be interesting to plug Lo Duca in ...

    By Blogger logan, at 12/11/2007 8:46 PM  

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