Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mo' Money

Just updating the payroll numbers from this post with the recent changes. Just the changes...

Starting 9:
Pena, $2 million
Lo Duca, $5 million
Total: $27.1 million

Langerhans, $500K
Boone, $1 million
Total: $9.4 million

Starting Pitching:
Patterson: $850K
Total: $3.45 million

Ayala: $1.7 million
Wagner: $450K
Colome: $1.25 million
Total: $12.25 million

Grand total: ~$52.2 million.

Seems like there's enough room for a pitcher (Colon, Lieber, Jennings) and a glove-first shortstop (John McDonald, Adam Everett, etc). Get those two, and there's enough upside that if all cylinders are banging to be next year's surprise team.

(The delusions of winter are wonderful!)

UPDATE: Nats re-sign Jesus Colome for $1.25 million.


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