Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bye, Bye, Nook

Hope you're sitting down. The Nats have non-tendered Nook Logan. Now, I'm not quite sure what that means in the context of someone who's not yet arbitration-eligible, but I'm working under the assumption that it's basically a pink slip. Don't call us. We'll call you.

They did the same with Irish Mike O'Connor, whose starts you've probably just finally flushed down the ol' memory hole.

But the more important news is that they've agreed to contracts with Luis Ayala, John Patterson and Ryan Wagner (remember him?), avoiding arbitration with all. No terms yet. I wonder if Wagner's is a minor league deal? Could they have worked out something with him on that level, circumventing the need for waivers to option him down. (Yes, I'm talking out my ass now)

That leaves Jesus Colome, Tim Redding, Felipe Lopez and Jon Rauch as the remaining arbitration candidates. I'd imagine that all would be tendered at this point.

  • UPDATE: Zuckerman (via NTP) says that all WILL be offered a contract. Welcome back, FLop. (I'm really pulling for the guy... he's a hard worker, and I'm sort of tired of the Couch Commandos trying to divine attitude through the 2 shots of his face you get a game. Meanwhile, Kudos to the Times for finally getting an RSS Feed! I was starting to miss a fundamentalist slant to my news coverage!

  • The Astros are exepected to non-tender shorstop Adam Everett, a player who I mentioned as someone the Nats should be interested in investigating when I bleated for a glove-first shortstop last week.

    Everett broke his leg in an on-field collision last year, missing most of the middle of the season. He was able to play a few games at the very tail end of September, but I imagine that (along with prior concerns about his back) helped scare the Astros off. With that in mind, the Nats probably still should kick the tires.

  • More on Everett... the algebraic argument for him!


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