Friday, November 30, 2007

Milledge A Nat!

Metsblog says that the Nats have traded Ryan Church and Brian Schneider to the Mets for Lastings Milledge!

If confirmed, WOW!

More later...

  • Quick 'n dirty post-sushi reaction: WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! (Did I say that already?)

    Church is what he is. He's better than what the Nats think he is, but he's not a centerpiece -- his strength is his cheapness, something that's going to start going out the window the next year or three as the arbitration process starts.

    But Milledge? This is a guy who a season or two as an untouchable, a solid power bat who got a bad rep from the pyschotic NY press because 1) he has dreadlocks and 2) he released a rap album. Other than a minor thing (literally!) while he was in high school, he's been a decent citizen, one who's unfairly maligned because he doesn't fit the imagine.

    What he is, is is every bit as good as Ryan Church offensively RIGHT NOW, plus he's 6 years younger (will be 23) and he's got a boatload of potential!

    Schneider has his lovers, for sure. He's a solid player, but one whose value is rapped up in mythos more than anything. He got lots of credit for developing young pitchers this season, even though there really weren't any young pitchers who developed this year. And he never got any of the blame for '06's disaster of a pitching staff. The next guy might (or might not) come in, do just as well. (Or it could just be Flores... we'll see!)

    And for you bean counters, the Nats just knocked about $6 million off this year's payroll and about $8 million off next year's. That's even more money to not spend!

    More money + potential All-Star outfielder! All for a fourth outfielder and a light-hitting catcher? Sign me up!

    (Brian, if you're listening, I love your condo... if you're selling, email me!)

  • Brian at NFA spits back the Baseball America scouting report of Milledge, letting us know what we're getting. "Milledge boasts one of the fastest bats in the minor leagues, allowing him to wait on pitches longer than most. He uses the entire field and has the strength to hit for average as well as power once he matures as a hitter."

  • Interesting discussion at Primer including two idiot Nats fans putting on their GM hats speculating that Milledge might be re-flipped as part of a package for one of the stud arms like Santana or Haren. Ah, a boy can dream!

  • ZIPS projections are up giving Milledge a .276/ .360/ .462 projection. Not bad! That's basically Austin Kearns.


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