Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Memo To Jim:

Buddy, it's been a while. I trust your legal problems are behind you now? I haven't heard nor seen much of you lately. I hope that big, bad Stan lets you out soon. Did you see the way that bastard hogged the spotlight yesterday? He's even more shameless than you. At least you don't pretend to be above being a carnival barker.

At any rate, I wanted to discuss Ladson's latest. I'm assuming that he's doing what a good reporter would do and running around calling any available CFer with a warm pulse up to and including Andre Dawson and Eric Davis. (Calm down, buddy, that last one was a joke!)

I really hope it's that, and not that you're interested in the guy. He's a joke. He's just like Nook Logan, but with a bit more power, less of a batting eye, and more strikeouts. Remember how much you guys hated Wilkerson? Well take away his walks and power and there's your man.

So stay away!

By the way, are we going to exchange gifts again this year? I've got the perfect idea for Joy, but if you'd rather not go to the trouble, that's fine.

All the best -- C.


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