Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thank The Angels

NFA digs up the scoop: The Nats have brought former RP-turned-starter Hector Carrasco back in the fold, picking him up from the Angels, who had DFA'd him a bit ago. As Brian points out, it's especially delicious, because the Angels gave us a first-round draft pick for ol' Hector. And that first-rounder (err... second-rounder) was...? (click here!)

  • Meanwhile, Nationals Journal reignites the Dmitri/NJ debate. I love the guy's writing, but... ummmm.... there's so much more to consider about the decision than what he presents in the post. Of course that's what comments are for.... and that's what drive eyeballs to the site and... PROFIT!!! (I need a gig like that!)


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