Thursday, May 04, 2006


My throat is sore from booing, and I have nothing nice to say right now. I've been to a huge number of stinktastic games at Camden Yards (Mostly thanks to the Yankees), but this was probably the worst game I've ever been to. Had I not been there with a friend, I would've left in the fifth inning probably after Frank Robinson pinch hit with JOEY EISCHEN!!!?!1?!!?11!1. Ouch... there's that throbbing in my temples again!

Frank Robinson is a spectacularly incompetent baseball strategist. He's a spectacuarly terrible motivator. He's a tremendously horrible instructor. Hall of fame player; shitbag manager.

I love ya, Frank, but after seeing this team make stupid mistakes night after night, not to mention watching the most listless bunch of SOB players saunter around the field with no cares to the world, it's time for you to hang 'em up. Retire. Game over. Thanks for what you've done. Here's your gold watch. If you hurry, you can carpool back to California with Tony Tavares.


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