Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What Just Happened?

Strange ending to the hearing. I think I got it, but I'm ready to be corrected.

The regular lease needed seven votes for passage, but the cap loophole required a major change which would require nine votes for passage.

Cropp surmised that the Council wasn't quite ready to vote for the amendment (because she had to shore up some votes/answer questions, etc). Since there was no way that the original lease would pass without the amendment, and there was little chance for the amendment to pass right that second, she pulled the bill, and ordered the hearing adjourned.

BUT, she also requested a special session of the Council (presumably to be held momentarily. Did they update on the status right at the end? I missed the very last part.) Since the original lease wouldn't have passed without nine votes because of the necessity of the amendment, a special session won't hurt anything because passage would still require those nine votes.

In short, nine or bust now. Nine or bust later. She opted for the later, and is hopefully smacking around a few of those swing voters. When (if!) they come back, they'll be ready for passage.

UPDATE: Friend of Baseball, Vincent Orange says he expects it to fail. If that's what they're thinking, buck says they don't even bother voting tonight. Apparently, they're scheduled to come back any moment now.


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