Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: Sosa Says So Long

Rocket Bill gets the scoop: Sammy Sosa has rejected the Nats deal. Together now: Awwwww! Sosa wanted $1 million guaranteed, but Ladson also says that he would've accepted a deal similar to Frank Thomas'. That he thinks he's in the same category as Frank Thomas says a lot. (Maybe he means this Frank Thomas?)

The article also brings us one of the most unitentionally hilarious sentences in a while: "the think tank in the Nationals' front office was very concerned about Sosa's eroding skills." I can't be the only person who immediately thinks of this, right?

With Sosa's rejection, the 40-man roster smiles, and the chances of a Church/Byrd CF platoon, probably the best use of current resources, increases greatly.

  • BallWonk notes the strange tale of the Washington Nationals trademark, and how some ragtag pseudo-tshirt company is trying to stick it to Selig.

  • OMG has a good post, branching off of Bill Ladson's latest mailbag. He wonders whether the SS problem has truly been solved, what'll happen if Ryan Zimmerman comes down with small injury (given how being a 'man' is priority #1, results be-damned), and what the prospects for the pitching staff are.

  • Don Fehr makes a lot of money.


    • Sam - I believe the Nationals pick shifts from #26 to #70 with the signing of Weaver

      By Blogger Brian, at 2/15/2006 1:54 PM  

    • ever notice how much small sammy was last year? decreased size, decreased numbers. guess those roids really did force those balls over the fence...

      thank god he turned it down.

      By Blogger Cathie, at 2/16/2006 7:47 PM  

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