Monday, January 30, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: Jose Guillen, GM Edition

So Jose Guillen's injured wing is going to keep him out until mid-March, and will probably prevent him from starting the season on time? Great. I'm so glad he persevered and fought through the injury last year so he could hit .130 in September. He didn't need that tendon attached to the bone anyway.

It was clear he was injured. And still Frank penciled his name in the lineup. Was the inmate running the asylum?

Guillen, for what it's worth, wants an extension.

  • The surgery was on Guillen's shoulder, not his lips:
    Guillen indicated, however, that Soriano is still resistant to change.
    “I’m trying to talk to Soriano about playing the outfield,” Guillen said...

    “He told me that he’s not an outfielder,” Guillen said.

    Guillen said he’d even be willing to move to center field and let Soriano play right field if that’s what it took to make Soriano happy....

    “We’d love to have Sosa,” Guillen said. “He’s one of the greatest players in baseball. But that’s not up to me.”

  • The Soriano mess rolls on. First it was an aside in last week's inanne column when Boswell threw out the idea (jokingly is how I interpreted it) of an extension for Soriano. Now the hardest working man in sports, Ken Rosenthal spits out the same idea.

    Distinguished Senators and Banks of the Anacostia say all that there is to say about that idea. Check 'em out.

  • The WaPo looks at the business side of Jeffrey Zients.

  • Missed the Nats one-day caravan o' fun? MissChatter was there, and she brought her digital camera. You, too, can see how bored the players look.

  • And finally.... Curly W breaks out the PowerPoint and produces a handy schematic as to who's screwing who in the stadium deal.