Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: Aiming For Small Paragraphs Edition

Cropp's ready to compromise. She says if the mayor can get MLB to cap costs at the $535 plus financing charges, and throw some tickets to the children, that there'll be enough votes for passage of the lease.

The Mayor's spokesman said that he thinks he can deliver a lease with those terms:
"We're confident we can meet all of her criteria," Morris said. "The letter from Chairman Cropp is a great thing. It puts a firm marker in the sand that all parties can agree on. And it cements what the mayor has said for a year, that no residential tax dollars will be used on the ballpark and that District residents will reap enormous economic benefits once it's built."

One of the other demands is that MLB pick local ownership. I don't know how the mayor can deliver that, but WWN reports that USA Today reports that (see last paragraph) the bidding is between Malek and Smulyan now, which is about as clear a choice of good and evil as we've had since World War II.

  • The Post's silly-headlined Sosa story is up. On top of everything I said last night, Sosa's just two homers behind Frank Robinson. Other than that it would take him til July to hit that many, I'm sure that the (in the words of Distinguished Senators) "washed-up, immobile, suspiciously-afflicted-with-acne-in-his-thirties, bat-corking malcontent" beating Frank's own dugout is sure to create smiles all around.

    Does anyone know how Frank feels about steroids?


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