Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Blog Because They Love You

Despite the long offseason and the doldrums of winter, there was a flurry of excellent blog posts today. All are well worth your time.

  • Oleanders and Morning Glories takes a look at Soriano and the difficult position he's in.

    He asks:
    As those that follow the Nationals know, Alfonso Soriano is playing a dangerous game (not the most dangerous game, that involves Cossacks). He is refusing to play OF, gambling that whatever he loses by being a “poor teammate”, he will make up by maintaining himself as a second-baseman. Most of us have assumed that this is a bad move on Soriano’s part, but is it really?

    For the answer, you'll have to click through. A few weeks ago, I took a look at a similar question, but from the National's perspective.

  • Nats Blog pours through Tom Verducci's latest column and finds a line that should make your jaw drop:
    Verducci suggests that Sosa may sign a deal (and I assume he does not mean a minor-league deal, but he doesn't say) "with the MLB-owned Washington Nationals largely because commissioner Bud Selig has had a strong relationship with Sosa and wants to get this erstwhile ambassador of the sport off the street, hat in hand. "

    Read the rest of their post for the entire remark, and the potential questions this raises as the team moves forward. It ain't good!

  • Banks of the Anacostia considers whether Jose Guillen's recent blather about wanting a contract extension is a good idea. He does a thorough analysis, looking at Guillen compared to other batters in the league, and is well worth your time.

  • The Nats have finally signed Felix Rodriguez to a one-year $600K contract. Roster bonuses would elevate that to $1.2 million. Rodriguez is a good gamble, but the bullpen is already loaded. How many roster slots does Bowden think he has?

    At any rate, Federal Baseball looks at Felix as a player, and gives a thumb up to the signing. He walks you through his career, and tries to figure out whether last year's stats were something to worry about.

  • Did you click on them all yet? No? Well, get to it. I'll be waiting.


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