Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Oh Well, AJ

Burnett was a bust, signing with the Torotno (an actual jersey they wore once) Blue Jays for 5 years, $55 million. Oh well.

Bowden's attention, presumably moves to Vazquez et al. Word on the street is that the Cardinals are hot on Vazquez' trail, and they'd probably have a bigger package to offer than Bowden anyway. Rumor is that he's vetoed a trade to Detroit, which would've shipped two of their top prospects to the southwest. If it gets to be a prospect bidding war, the Nats don't have much of a chance.

Bowden met with Boras last night. Ladson reported interest in Millwood and Rogers last night. Millwood is in the 4/44 range with the Mariners, and Rogers could be had at the right price. Boras also represents Weaver, who would probably be a decent pickup, because of his durability and flyball ways.

Wilkerson rumors continue to swirl. The Cubs are still interested, and the Blue Jays are the rumor of the day. Alex Rios doesn't excite me that much.

I also saw something where someone was talking of a Terrmell Sledge for Dave Roberts trade. I could get behind that one, probably. This is the first time I've heard Sledge's name come up in trade talks, other than the strange denial Bowden issued to Ladson last night, saying he wouldn't trade him.

Plenty of time, and plenty of moves. And now we have a pocketfull of cash burning a hole in our pockets. I guess that's more money to fritter away on Juan Encarnacion then! ;)


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