Thursday, December 29, 2005

Just Another Brick In The Wall

With the recent signings, our roster moves closer to completion. For the 25-man roster, the team is at around $57.1 million. Reportedly the limit is $60 million. When you factor in the other players on the 40-man, and the room necessary to call players up as injuries happen, we're essentially done shopping.

The roster is in quite a squeeze actually. There doesn't appear to be any room for Jon Rauch, Jason Bergmann, Travis Hughes, Brandon Watson, Tyrell Godwin, or Brendan Harris. Jim Bowden has just given out too many guaranteed contracts. Injuries and ineffectiveness will probably create another hole or two, but as of now, there's no room at the inn. (Rauch looks like he's out of options -- as such he'd need to make the 25-man roster, or the team would lose him to waivers.)

Livan Hernandez -- $8 MM
John Patterson -- $.5MM
Brian Lawrence -- $3.2 MM (Salary actually higher, but SD is paying the rest)
Ryan Drese -- $1.75 MM
Ramon Ortiz -- $2.5 MM
TOTAL: $15.95 MM

Chad Cordero -- $.35MM
Luis Ayala -- $.75 MM?? (Arbitration Eligible)
Gary Majewski -- $.35 MM
Joey Eischen -- $1.3 MM
Tony Armas -- $2.1 MM
Mike Stanton -- $1 MM
TOTAL: $5.85 MM

Brian Schneider -- $3 MM (Arbitration Eligible, Made $2 MM)
Backup -- $.35 MM (Long list of minor leaguers)
TOTAL: $3.35 MM

Nick Johnson -- $3 MM (Arbitration Eligible, Made $1.45 MM)
Jose Vidro -- $7 MM
Cristian Guzman -- $4.2 MM
Ryan Zimmerman -- $.350 MM
TOTAL: $14.55 MM

Jose Guillen -- $4 MM
Alfonso Soriano -- $9.5 MM (Arbitration Eligible, made $7.5MM)
Ryan Church -- $.350 MM
TOTAL: $13.85 MM

Damian Jackson -- $.7 MM
Marlon Anderson -- $.9 MM
Marlon Byrd -- $.5 MM (Arbitration Eligible)
Robert Fick -- $.85 MM
Jamey Carroll -- $.6 MM (Reported Contract Offer)
TOTAL: $3.55 MM