Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Read The Whole Thing Edition

My Nats Blogging Brethren have been hard at work recently, all for you, our beloved reader! (If you believe that we're doing it for the readers instead of for our own inflated sense of self-importance, well.... wanna buy a baseball team?)

Let's start with everyone's favorite sitcom, ALF! Soriano re-stated his desire to play second, and said that he's going to head back to the American League at the end of the year. Apparently he feels he knows the pitchers and hitters better -- perhaps accounting for his superior defense?

I'll stand by what I wrote when the story first broke. Soriano is in no position to be dictating anything. If he wants big piles of cash to roll around naked in, he'll have to STFU and play next year.

Beltway Boys looks at the whole deal, and now that he's come to the dark side, blames Bowden, among others. The John Hanson of Nats bloggers, Distinguished Senators puts pen and battery acid to paper as well. I don't think he likes Soriano much!

  • There are more articles on the stadium today: A look at the arbitration process and what it could hold; a report on all the events, including that the Post's Sunday non-story about cost overruns strengthened the opponents; and Boswell writes a rare non-Friday column, blaming MLB and the Council for the fiasco. Nothing new, but it's nice to read Boz when he's not hunting-and-pecking on the keyboard with his NATS #1! Foam Finger.

  • Federal Baseball is on a roll with two excellent posts worth your time.

    He recaps yesterday's arbitration news. Jamey Carroll was offered a contract. Junior Spivey was non-tendered, making him a free agent. The Washington Times reports that the Nats have offered Carroll a one-year $600,000 deal. I assume he takes it.

    The Federal Baseball post also looks at the non-tenders from around the league. There weren't as many as usual, but he looks at the top names to see who could be a good fit as we fill out the roster.

  • Federal Baseball's other good post rips 472-time Emmy Winner Jim Williams for a completely assinine and stupid rumor that the Nationals were on the verge of trading Vidro and Church for Kerry Wood. He explains why there's no there there, and adds it to the growing list of Williams innacuracies.

  • Nationals Farm Authority says goodbye to two other Nats, who slipped through the cracks last week: Matt Cepicky and Doc Brooks.


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