Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I May Not Be A Wise Man...

But certainly I'm not the only one who sees the inherent flaws relayed by Pravda's own Bill Ladson:

The Nationals are looking a leadoff hitter, but, as of now, have shown no interest in free agent outfielder Kenny Lofton, formerly of the Phillies, or Padres outfielder Dave Roberts.

"I know Kenny Lofton had a good year, [the Nationals] can do better," the baseball source said.

The Nationals are serious about getting better in the outfield and they have turned their focus to free agent Juan Encarnacion, who played for the Marlins this past season. The Nationals previously tried to acquire Encarnacion before landing Preston Wilson this past July.

First (and I know it's an old and tired rant) why the hell can he never quote ANYONE. I don't think that he's had an on-the-record quote from anyone, ever. I know that some things do need to be done off-the-record, but just once, I'd like to see him attribute something!


The other news in the article is that los dos Joses are undergoing surgery. Vidro's having scar tissue removed from his knee o' death. Guillen's having his labrum repaired, which he originally tore at the end of June. Ladson better be careful that he doesn't tear his the way he's patting Guillen on the back:
Guillen hurt the shoulder sliding headfirst in a game against the Blue Jays on June 26, but he never went on the disabled list and played with the shoulder problem for the rest of the season

He's not a pussy like that girly man Ryan Church, I guess.

Wondering what Guillen hit after that? Yeah, me too.

.265/ .337/ .433 with nine home runs and thirty-five RBI in 77 games. [Caution: Multiple Endpoint Manipulation Ahead] In his last 16 appearances, he had two RBI, but he did slug .191 in those games.

So is playing injured really a good thing?


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