Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Great Day For Frank

can you dig it?It wasn't a bad day to be Frank Robinson. I slagged the guy on a near-daily basis, but he deserves some respect today, having received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Frank even did something he rarely does. Take a look at the picture, and you can almost see the guy smiling!

On the same day, he finished fourth in the NL Manager of the Year voting. While the best thing I have to say about Frank's managing style is that he's a Hall of Fame player, he does deserve recognition for his career accomplishments.

If you went back to Cincinnati in 1956, you would've found a hot-headed, fire-breathing, no-nonesense-taking guy with a big stick. I haven't seen him swing lately, but that description still probably applies fifty years later.

My favorite Frank Robinson anecdote is about the interviewer who asked Frank who the best player he managed was. He's had some good ones: Vlad Guerrero, Cal Ripken, Joe Morgan, Eddie Murray, Peter Begeron. Who did he say? Himself.

And you know what? He's probably right.


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