Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Full Steam Ahead

Cropp says that everything is on track legislatively. It's just a formality of running through the hearings. There may be a bit of a sideshow, but she's said that she'll use her power as chair to limit debate to the technical amendments instead of opening up the whole ballpark legislation and letting the council strip the meat from the bones.

Vinny B. Orange has a problem with Cropp, which probably has more to do with their mayoral campaigns than anything. He believes that his committee has jursidiction over the legislation, as he monitors the mayor's office (Seems specious to me), whereas Cropp maintains it should stick with the finance and economic committees. So he held a charade hearing yesterday then promptly sued Cropp for not sanctioning the hearing. Only in DC.

On the ownership side of things, MLB has started the consolidation process, asking around who would be willing to merge. I can see Stan Kasten's arm waving now. Everything seems to be on track for the November 16 and 17 owner's meetings. God willing!