Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Liars, Writers, and Bud, Oh My! Edition

The Commisar has spoken: the Nationals will not have a new owner in time for the owner's meetings next week. Why? Apparently Czar Selig hasn't had time to meet with all the groups. He's been too busy munching down hotdogs apparently.

So no owner; no new GM; no nuttin. And you'll like it.

Chris Atonetti, who was the great stat hope of the prospectus crowd, has pulled out of the running for BoSox GM. That's one less competitor for Bowden.

And Theo Epstein's name is continued to be rumored associated with the Nats. You can read that sort of rumor in many different places. Is that a case of people just running with speculation? Or have they talked to some of the groups? I hope it's the latter.

I'm not convinced that Theo was THE reason the Red Sox won, but his short-term track record demonstrated that he had a consistent plan. I'm agnostic as to whether he'll be the savior, but am willing to accept the ol' holy spirit if need be!


  • Clearly, the used car salesman from Milwaukee wants to keep the competition (the Nats) out of serious bidding for players during the Winter Meetings. Then he will let Jerry Reinsdorf whisper in his ear the new motley group that will be pasted together from the various bidders to own the Nats. After all the wheeling and dealing has been done, but before the Nats have any real budget from an owner with deep pockets and a commitment to the team. Why should the 29 owners sell the Nats when they can hold the team underwater as long as they choose? One less contender in the NL East. Everything is going according to plan, unfortunately.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/10/2005 11:28 PM  

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