Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wo' Be Gone

Nationals Farm Authority is all over yesterday's dismissal of Adam Wogan as director of player development. He's the one to read today: speculation on what this represents in terms of a power struggle, whether it was tied to the disaster of the canceled instructional league, or the increased role that Bob (Ba)Boone might take on.

It's the last point that especially distresses me, and the WaPo has it covered.

Bob Boone was a disaster as a manager, primarily because he couldn't properly evaluate the talent on his own roster. It wouldn't shock me to learn that Boone was the yutz who thought that Preston Wilson was a good defensive centerfielder. This doesn't portend future greatness for the franchise.

One other thought... With everyone's contract set to expire at the end of the month, why were they making the decision now? NFA has some speculation about the power struggle (see the link above), but it still doesn't make a lot of sense, especially given their pronouncement that the position won't be filled til new ownership is named. Even if Wogan were the biggest hack on the planet, as long as he's not actively maiming players, wouldn't it make sense to keep him on the job?

Eh. But what do I know?


  • Do we have confirmation that he wasn't actively maiming players? My personal conspiracy theory is that Bowden is tossing grenades into the Nats tent as a prelude to leaving and taking the Phillies job. Then he'll try to trade Endy Chavez for Marlon Byrd... again.

    By Blogger Nate, at 10/18/2005 5:17 PM  

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