Friday, October 14, 2005

Vultures Are Circling

Harry Jaffe, a columnist with Washingtonian Magazine, wrote a column for the DC Examiner about the sad state of our team.

He's reading the tealeaves, and sees the doomsday scenario: Bye Bye, Team!

He looks at the lack of a signed lease, the ownership stall, mate, and the recent grumblings by the DC Council all as ominous signs for a process that should've been done months ago.

I still think that every party has too much invested in this deal to louse it up, but I can't shake the contraction scenario out of my head either. Likely? Nope. Possible. With baseball, anything is.

Semi, but not really related, the Washington Times reports that MASN is making another effort to twist Comcast's arm. More importantly, they're beginning negotiations with cable providers in North Carolina and Pennsyltucky to expand the network's (and Angelos') reach. Negotiations also continue with Cox, but as was the case last season, it's mostly haggling about price. MASN wants a lot. Cox doesn't want to pay. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.


  • Ha! That's why he writes for the Examiner.

    The things Jaffe points out are true. But lost in all the doomsday predictions is the inevitable fact that MLB would be fighting these same battles no matter where it tries to move a team. Portland, Vegas, or any other would-be destination are all undoubtedly run by the same overzealous local politicians as the District. I doubt Portland would just roll over and agree to a one-sided lease either. And as we've all discussed before, no other market brings the long term revenue like DC does. So, in my opinion, it makes sense for baseball to ride out all this posturing and keep the team here.

    By Blogger Brandon, at 10/14/2005 9:19 AM  

  • Certainly. Like we said last week, moving the team isn't really an option.

    But contraction... ;)

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 10/14/2005 9:20 AM  

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