Tuesday, October 11, 2005

On The Defensive

A few months ago, I asked you help participate in TangoTiger's defensive survey. The season's over, and the results are in.

Based on the premise of the wisdom of crowds, his study attempts to take the aggregate opinion, hoping to get close to the truth.

The results? Brian Schneider's our best defensive player; Carlos Baerga the worst.

Score one for the crowd!

Each player was rated on a series of abilities. A score of 50 is league average. Each 20 points represents a standard deviation.

So Brian Schneider's score of 95 for "release" is at the top of the league. Carlos Baerga's score of 8 for "hands" is at the bottom.

Our doubleplay combo of Guzman and Vidro were rated very poorly 33 and 35 overall respectively. Vidro's first step was rated especially poor, which makes sense, and Guzman's throwing accuracy was dreadful as well.

Right behind Schneider is Jose Guillen, who seems to be a terrific defensive outfielder. He sometimes looks like he gets a bad jump, but he made a large number of basket and shoestring catches on a full run. His arm, while very strong, sometimes get the best of him; when he has a chance to nail a runner, he sometimes overdoes it.

Preston Wilson is at the other end. While I don't think I'd rate him as poorly as the crowd did, he's a pretty poor defender in center. He received brutal marks for his first step, which is clearly the problem. Once he's in motion he's fine, but it just takes him forever to get that long stride moving.

TangoTiger has some brief summaries by various bloggers of the players who were at the top of the ratings. They make for a nice read, and help you appreciate how these players are viewed by those who watch them most frequently.


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