Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Maxwell's House

Not content to rest on his laurels after a wonderfully mediocre 81-81 season, Jim Bowden the Man of Action, got things done, wrapping up negotiations with fourth-round draft pick, Justin Maxwell.

Maxwell has tons of potential (but then, so did I, and look where that's gotten me), but he's rarely been healthy enough to live up to it. By all accounts, he's a terrific defensive outfielder, and would become, presumably, the only Animal Sciences major in the Nationals' organization.

He'll start next season at A-ball, but will have to make improvements relatively quickly. Despite his apparent youth, he is already 21, and has lost several years of development time because of those injuries.

We'll see how he turns out. Regardless, the system needs warm bodies under the age of 28. He instantly becomes one of our best prospects.


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