Monday, October 31, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Blogger Backslapping Edition

Just a quick update on the contract status of a few players. Seven have officially filed for free agency (in order of competence), Esteban Loaiza, Preston Wilson, Joey Eischen, Deivi Cruz, Tony Armas, Carlos Baerga, Gary Bennett. Yick! Loaiza and Eischen are the only ones the team will pursue.

Free Agency is just a formality. It doesn't mean that players are coming or going, just that they want to be able to shop around their services.

One interesting thing... The Federalist and I have been talking, trying to get to the heart of the arbitration rules. He's finally posted on it, using his advanced legal degree from a fancy institution of learnin'. Me? I've got the diploma I printed out from one of those spam ads. (Tip: Yellow highlighter is perfectly acceptable in lieu of gold foil embossed seals)

At any rate, the 20% maximum paycut that we've mentioned from time to time doesn't apply to regular free agents who undergo arbitration. It only applies to those who haven't yet attained free agent status -- players like Nick Johnson. So Preston Wilson, COULD have his salary cut by more than 20% were he to accept arbitration. Still, there are other reasons to not offer him a contract (which the team isn't planning on doing anyway.) And if I ever get off my lazy butt and finish up the Campaign '06 series, I'd argue that again....

  • If you read one thing this week, make sure it's the latest celebrity profile in McCall's. If you read two, make it this interview with Shawn Hill, one of the few relatively bright spots in the Nationals farm system. Nationals Farm Authority got off his keister and did actual reportin' and stuff, contacting Shawn and getting some non-cliched answers from him. Great job by NFA!

  • Our friends at Nats Blog apply the Leonard Koppett managerial test to Frank Robinson. See if you agree with their conclusions.

  • Just a Nats Fan listened to the radio, and heard an interview with Jeff Smulyan. She has the complete rundown, including all the insipid soundbites I'm coming to expect from him.

  • Nationals Interest, apparently a closeted Dodgers fan, rips them for their firing of DePodesta. A commenter claims that he's from the area, and throws him out there as a possibility for this team. I dunno. I think he got a raw deal in LA, but it does seem that he failed at some of the things a GM needs to do -- it's more than just player evaluation.

    But I bring this up moreso for the Bowden possibility. His wife is an 'actress' and I would imagine that Bodes wouldn't mind being closer to her and where the action is. LA is presumably going to want a more traditional baseball man as leader, as evidenced by their soon-to-be interview of Pat Gillick. Bodes is reportedly in the good graces of Tommy LaSorda, and would probably make the short list.

  • Finally... Curly W has a contest. I think Basil's winning so far.


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