Friday, September 16, 2005

Rotate Amongst Yourselves

Because I'm anal (and because it's a slow friday), I went through the pitching rotation. Assuming everyone remains healthy and that Hector Carrasco remains a viable ::cough:: part of the rotation, it might shape up well, thanks to two well-placed offdays.

If Frank is willing to go back to the bullpen (Rauch? Bergmann? Hughes?) on Sunday, he can get through the rest of the season with just one more bullpen start, and, more importantly, while still giving pitchers some time to rest.

Without boring the bejeesus out of you (too late, huh?)...

After the SD series, there's an off-day.
Then we're home against SF and could throw out Loaiza, Livan, Patterson.
Then NY comes to town and faces Carrasco, Bodes' Potpourri O' Fun, and Loaiza.

We fly to Florida for the key three-game series. We start them off with Livan and Patterson (GREAT!), then back it up with Carrasco. (yeesh).

If we're still alive then, we have an off-day, before flying back to DC to host Philadelphia.

In what could be the three most important games of the season, we could trot out Loaiza, Livan, then Patterson to close the season. They'd need to pitch on one day less of rest, but in all three games, you'd have to believe that everyone would be available out of the pen.

Hopefully, by then, we'd have taken the Wild Card outright. ;) If not, it'd be Hector Carrasco, on full rest, lobbing up pitches as your playoff game starter.

But, ya know? I'd take that!


The Nationals Inquirer has sent me a cease and desist lawyer, noting that he did a similar thing a week ago. Who knew he had a blog though?


  • In case you care, here's what I've got (with number of days rest in parentheses) and it shapes up with the big three starting the last series on full rest (4 days).

    @SD: JP (7 days rest), Carrasco (3), Loaiza (3)
    9/19: OFF
    SF: Livan (4), Patterson (4), Loaiza (3)
    NYM: Carrasco (3), Livan (3), JP (3)
    @FL: Loaiza (3), Carrasco (3), Livan (3)
    9/29: OFF
    PHI: JP (4), Loaiza (4), Livan (4)

    It's pretty much a full switch to an adjusted 4-man rotation. Of course you can switch "Carrasco" with anyone from the bullpen like Bergmann or Rauch, but they'll need to be able to go on 3 days rest like the other starters.

    ps. it's fun being Type A(nal) with things like this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/16/2005 4:28 PM  

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