Thursday, September 29, 2005

Race To The Bottom Update

I wrote last week that there are certain advantages to losing for the Nationals. Namely, if we finish in the bottom 15 teams, our first-round draft pick is protected, and we couldn't lose it if the team signs someone else's stud free agent.

Well, what've we done? Won, baby, won! What's a fan to do? Obviously you want the team to do well, but yet you know that, in the long run, it might be advantageous to not win. Life is hard, huh?

We're now 1.5 games ahead of 15th place, currently shared by Milwaukee, Texas, and your NL West champion San Diego Padres. (You do realize that we're pretty much responsible for them even being AT .500?)
20 -- Washington 81-78
15 -- Milwaukee 79-79
15 -- Texas 79-79
15 -- San Diego 79-79
13 -- Toronto 78-80


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