Wednesday, September 14, 2005

If It's Wednesday, It Must Be...

Barry Svrluga's up at two, and ready for your questions.

Today, he has a poll with three questions.
1) Should Zimmerman play?
2) Should Frank stay?
3) Should Cap'n Leatherpants stay?

I think you know where I stand. It's completely meaningless, but click on it and answer it. It'll make me feel better ;)

Potential questions for Barry:
1) Can we petition the league to have Guzman hit only against the Mets?
2) Is Frank as surly in person as he comes across in print?
3) Is John Patterson's tummy-tum still bugging him?
4) Whatever happened to Bodes' secret player?
5) Do you hate Barry Bonds as much as most of the rest of the media?


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