Tuesday, September 13, 2005

But What Would You Do, Smart Guy?

To expand on my praise of Boz, here's the lineup I'd trot out there most games...

Versus Righties
Wilkerson CF
Church LF (Maybe play him in center?)
Guillen RF
Johnson 1B
Schneider C
Zimmerman 3B
Short 2B (As bad as he is defensively, he's better than Baerga and probably not any worse than the immobile Jose Vidro)
Guzman SS (Yes, he sucks, but he's been hitting better, and we need to see if we can get anything out of him next season; this season's already lost.)

Versus lefties
Byrd LF
Short 2B
Guillen RF
Johnson 1B
Wilson CF
Zimmerman 3B
Schneider C
Guzman SS

Preston Wilson, unless he comes back for pennies on the dollar, is playing out the string. We know what Brad Wilkerson can do -- he's better than he's shown this season though.

Zimmerman is probably better defensively than the hobbling Vinny Castilla. I'm not convinced that his bat is here yet (beware of the small sample size), but we need to see if there's any chance he could take the job next season, or if he'll need to spend time in the minors.



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