Thursday, August 18, 2005

Operation Destroy Readership

The Pennant Race is heating up, and I'm shipping out. I guess it's getting too intense for me ;)

I'll be off 'til Labor Day, but if you need me before then, you can find me here.

In the meantime, for analysis, check out the blogs listed on my sidebar. I steal most of my stuff from them anyway.

For news, check out District of Baseball and William World News. They have all the papers covered.

Who knows what'll happen to the team while I'm gone. They've already won 5 games on the road trip from hell, with three left to play against the dreaded Mets. Two out of three from them would be great, and would really solidify this team moving forward.

One thing to watch as we move forward. To be eligible for post-season play, a player has to be on the roster on 8/31, unless the team needs an injury replacement. So, the kids Bodes would bring up 9/1 wouldn't be eligible for the post-season. (Though there are loopholes in that rule big enough to drive Marlon Byrd's Escalade though)

At any rate, enjoy the next few weeks. Enjoy the other blogs. Join the other Nataholics at Yuda's game chatters.

And Let's Go Nats!