Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Heavy Lifting

Thankfully there are 1,543 other Nats Blogs to do the heavy lifting for me when I feel like taking a break.

  • Yuda has tonight's game chatter. Tony Armas versus Ricardo Rodriguez.

  • Nationals Gallery reports on the fines and suspensions resulting from the Pine Tar game. Donnelly gets 10. Scioscia and FRobby get 1 each.

  • Baseball Musings points to an article that reveals the 'mysterious' mechanical flaw that was causing Ryan Drese to get his brains beat in.

    It was a surprisingly simple fix, if that really was what ailed Drese. We'll find out in a few days.

  • OMG rips into Boswell for an unusually snippy, but typically homercentric comment he made in a chat.

    In the process, Harper answers the age-old question: Is Guzman good?

    (On a related note, he's starting to hit the ball well, cranking out another homer last night -- and this one just as long and as inexplicable as the first BOMB he hit against the Mets.)

  • Ball-Wonk urges Nats fans to get a Chicago-style machine going with the All-Star Ballots.

  • District of Baseball points to a Bill Ladson-penned notebook in Pravda.

    Zach Day is back traveling with the team. And, when his arm is fully healed, he'll be sent to the minors for rehab. They're already speaking about leaving him down there for the maximum 30 days. But, I'm sure an injury or four will pop up, changing those plans.

  • From the same article, TJ Tucker has a wonky elbow. Given the way batters have been hammering him lately, it certainly seems logical.

    Ryan Church believes he was concussed by the fly ball that took a liking to his face. He apparently has a sore foot from where he was drilled by Scot Shields (which led to the climactic Jose Guillen homer), and a sore groin from "trying to beat out an infield hit". Yeah.... suuuuure. Wink. Wink.

  • District has a ton of other articles, including an update on Dutch Zimmerman, and news on the ownership front. Check it out.

  • WWN links to a Baltimore Sun piece on how the lack of ownership is hampering the team.

  • Thanks to Vlad Guerrero and the Oakland A's for making this a good Saturday for Nats fans, whether we win or lose.

  • And finally, Wil Cordero wins a much-deserved Lame Duck for his dreadful 0-4 performance in last night's game. If there was a critical situation in the game, he was up, and he was popping a weak fly ball to end the rally.

    What Cristian Guzman was to grounders in May, Wil Cordero was to cans of corn last night.

    I fear for his wife's health.


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