Sunday, June 19, 2005

GameDay: Salvaging Edition

Tony Armas earned his Lame Duck by giving up seven runs and a bunch of homers. Ryan Church ripped two of his own, and Cristian Guzman added another (Amazing, huh?).

If you missed it, be thankful.

Today, Esteban Loaiza gets bumped. He's complaining of a wonky back and neck.

Sunny Kim gets the start as the Nationals face CJ Young, a pitcher recently called-up, who is making his first start in the majors.

The question isn't so much can the Nats score runs off him, but can we stop Texas' offense? The answer to that question, more than anything, will determine our fate.

Yuda has today's game chatter.

  • The Nationals re-disabled the recently ineffective TJ Tucker, this time with a bad elbow.

    Travis Hughes, who was claimed off waivers earlier this year, gets the callup.

  • Wil Cordero still stinks.


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