Sunday, May 08, 2005


Time for our weekly stroll through the stats. (Besides, I'm still to angry to disect Frank. Oh, that'll come. Yes, it will.)

All stats out of 16 teams.

Runs: 140 (8th)
Batting Average: .277 (2nd)
On-Base %: .342 (4th)
Slugging Ave: .433 (4th)

Lemme get this straight. We've got the fourth highest slugging and the fourth highest on-base, and we're only 8th in runs? That's the sign of a pretty inefficient offense.

Seems like that's the sign of a team that's stinking with RISP.

RISP Batting: .270 (7th)
RISP OB%: .372 (3rd)
RISP SLG: .421 (9th)

They're hitting at roughly the same rate (slightly fewer hits) but their power is lessened. Their Isolated Power (Slugging-Batting Ave), which measure the extra-base portion of slugging average is roughly the same whether there are runners on.

It seems to me that we've just been unlucky. We've had just as much success with runners on as with runners off.

I think a reason for that apparent inefficiency is how they've scored. Think about Saturday's game. With 14 hits and 11 walks, there were runners on constantly. Yet, the team only scored in two innings.

So, they're padding their RISP stats with these occasional big-chain innings. But, that means to counterbalance those runs of success, they're coming up dry in other situations, such as the long scoreless stretches today.

When the team busts through with one of those huge innings, it's certainly a good thing. But, they're going to need to stop the feast or famine approach to run scoring. (As if they can control that sort of thing!)

This is a much better offensive team than I imagined. They're far from perfect, but they've got terriffic slugging, even if it's not filled with raw power hitters. The patience certainly leaves something to be desired, but there is more than one way to score a run.


The team's recent run of decent pitching has moved us up to 6th in the league, with a 4.21 ERA. I had read somewhere, but I can't find confirmation, that our starters were third in the league.

That tells you how bad Horgan and Osuna were.


  • Hopefully this link works:

    4 of the top 6 are NL East teams ...

    NL Pitching Stats, As a Starter 2005 (ERA)
    Braves 2.67
    Marlins 2.80
    Cardinals 3.34
    Nationals 3.93
    D-Backs 4.08
    Phillies 4.13

    By Blogger Brian, at 5/09/2005 8:21 AM  

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