Wednesday, May 25, 2005

BA's Draft Update

No, not that BA. THIS BA.

Signs still point to Ryan Zimmerman. But, Bryan makes a convincing argument that our sights should maybe turn elsewhere.
While I certainly understand the logic behind taking Zimmerman, I just disagree with the selection. The club has no intentions to move Ryan to short, where power concerns will be deemed less important. Even with wilkerson and Nick JOhnson, this is not an organization that profiles to slug in the future, and wasting a corner spot on a defensive specialist is not a good idea.

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  • John Sickels commented on Tulowski

    Either would be a good choice. I am not as concerned with selecting a defensive 3B with an average bat. I put more stock in a player developing with the bat than developing with the glove.

    By Blogger Brian, at 5/26/2005 6:51 AM  

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