Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Free Youppi!

With our beloved team’s former mascot having been sold off as chattel to the Montreal Canadiens, the dream is extinguished.

His replacement, if the ball of fur that replaces him is worthy of the title replacement, makes his/her/its (depending on its fuzzy bits) debut on Sunday, April 17.

My initial fear was that it was going to be the Charlotte Hornets mascot with a new name. Nate? Natalie? Something like that. Word on the street is that they’re not headed in that direction.

What then could it be? Possible alternatives:

--Slapshot. We kicked this around on the bus to Philly. He’s certainly got some free time if we can pry him off the bar mitzvah circuit. And what could be more iconic than a giant fuzzy eagle? If they want to save money, they could just put masking tape over the Caps logo and name, and draw Nationals on it with red crayon.

--A Giant Phallus named George. Just add big googly eyes and some oversized white-gloved hands, and what kid wouldn’t want to hug a giant block of granite? Plus think of the drunken frat-boy comedic potential!

--A Train or a Conductor named Walter

--A loveable Goose. Awww! Isn't this cute?

--A Fat Cat with a cigar and a monocle named Phil E. Buster


--The San Diego Chicken, in honor of Frank Perdue’s contributions to DelMarVa?

Thoughts? (Other than that I have too much spare time?)


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