Thursday, March 17, 2005

The News Equivalent Of Wearing The Same Outfit

Check out the Post and Times headlines: "Day Has a Pretty Good Night" and "Day has quite a night" respectively.

The Times wins this one pretty easily. It's more succinct, plus they get bonus points for the rhyming scheme. Good job, Editors!

And, while I'm passing out gold stars, Good job Zach Day! With John Patterson's mediocre outing the other day, the five innings of one-run ball you pitched against Los Bravos puts his foot right back in the door of the fifth starter's job.
More impressive than Day's final pitching line, though, was the manner in which he went right after Atlanta's hitters. After frequently falling behind in the count and struggling with mechanics in a disastrous start against the St. Louis Cardinals last week, Day was ahead of nearly every man he faced last night.

"A big step in the right direction," Robinson said. "He can work from that. That was a good outing for him. That's what you're looking for: getting the ball over the plate and challenging hitters."

If I was a betting man, I'd say that Day's probably still headed to the bullpen, and that Jo(h)n Rauch will crack the rotation. That's mostly because the team has already broached the subject of Day starting in the bullpen and because of Rauch's solid pitching this spring, and his dominant stretch at the end of last year.

Regardless, having too many starters is never a problem.


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