Friday, March 18, 2005

Grimace To Havana Pete: Screw Off

Fresh off his appearance as Grimace at yesterday's steroid hearings (Actually, he kinda looked like he was doing his taxes while receiving a prostate exam.), Major League Baseball's Tool-In-Chief Bob DuPuy took the time to tell Peter "Pig-Bay" Angelos to screw himself:
The Nationals games will be on TV, without question," DuPuy said. "That I am not worried about."

The always-excellent Eric Fisher indicates that that's probably a sign that something's imminent -- that a deal is on the horizon, or at least close enough that they can make this pronouncement.

The key aspect to me:
Industry sources said MLB executives believe they are under no real or legal obligation to placate Angelos, who is also being offered annual guarantees to his local revenues and future resale value for the Orioles

Take it or leave it, Petey. If you don't like the already overly-generous terms you're being offered enjoy marginilization with your increasingly-dwindling-because-of-your-incompetence fan base.


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