Friday, March 18, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts

It's the end of the week. Time to empty the ol' junk drawer with all the piddlin' little crap that I'm ashamed to admit I've actually read.

  • Apparently the Nats weren't too interested in yesterday's steroid-induced Dog and Pony Show.
    One player with just a towel wrapped around his midsection, seemed glued to the television listening intently to the commentary and queries that can somehow be rolled into one by politicians.

    He glared at the screen as former baseball player Jim Bunning - none of those watching had any idea about Bunning's historical career that included a no-hitter in each league - somehow spun his opinions into declaratory questions.

    The player, getting visibly angrier with each of Bunning's accusatory remarks, finally vented his frustrations by growling, "Why the hell don't you worry about the war as much as you worry about baseball? Why don't you spend as much of your time trying to fix the war as you are trying to fix baseball?"

    His passion went unquestioned by his teammates. He may know more people involved in the war than players who use steroids.

    Who is it? What's your guess? (We know it has to be a batter. Because of the rain, the pitchers were sent home.) I'm guessing.... Wilkerson? I'm sure Virginia Ragland would chime in if she could!

  • Endy Chavez, Gary Bennett, and Ryan Church believe in the power of Lucky Charms. Except, in this case, they're not talking about the magically delicious kind.
    It's spring training time in Florida, and Washington Nationals' center fielder Endy Chavez has two lucky charms dangling around his neck.

    The thumb-sized medallions depict Jesus and Mary, outlined in gold, and they are never removed.

    "It's my way of having him present all of the time," says Chavez, 27. "It makes me feel comfortable, and I think it brings me luck."

    When outfielder Ryan Church has a great game, he attributes it to his lucky gold coin, a gift from friend Doris Howell, who died of cancer 10 years ago.

    "She gave me that coin, and I've had it ever since," says Church, 26. "I carry it when I'm traveling and keep it in a safe place when I'm playing games." ...

    Some charms are articles of clothing, as is the case for Nationals' catcher Gary Bennett. Lucky shirts, wristbands and socks are worn repeatedly when he's on a winning streak. One loss, however, and the socks are tossed.

    "My lucky charms rotate," says Bennett, 32.

    Because if it involved batting streaks, he'd be sockless in no time! (Or would it mean he'd never wear socks? I dunno. Is that an existential question?)

  • Here's a picture of beautiful downtown(?) Vierra. It looks like the town has their priorities in order!

  • Even if the stations'll be jammed, passengers who take Metro to the game will be safe.
    The city's new baseball team also propelled action yesterday, as officials approved $1.2 million in the current budget to add service at the Stadium-Armory Station for the 40 home games the Washington Nationals will play during this fiscal year, through June 30. Board members also approved $2.5 million for next fiscal year, which includes roughly half the 2005 and 2006 baseball seasons.

    Metro officials anticipate recouping all those expenses through revenue from increased use.

  • As we could've anticipated weeks ago, the Nats made a few roster moves, sending down Sun-Woo Kim, Larry Broadway, Danny Reuckel, and some other stiffs. Additionally, Henry Mateo and Claudio Vargas were put on the 15-day DL. (Doing it this early, allows them to come back earlier in the season, without missing as many games.)


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