Thursday, March 17, 2005

Coors Field's Secret

WaPo's headline writers may have given us a huge clue today to what Coors Field's Secret is, in an article explaining Vinny Castilla's sea-level stinkiness so far this spring: "A Silent Spring for Castilla"

It's DDT! If he thinks it's bad in Florida, wait until he's playing at a ballpark on the banks of the Anacostia. The team's trainers better load up on Benadryl now!

Flying under the radar, because we've been so focused on Endy Chavez, Zach Day, and Carlos Baerga, Vinny has returned to his sea-level ways; he's batting like a pitcher (or this guy).

Before squibbing a hit yesterday, he was batting .105. Even worse, yes there's a downside to this, he was slugging .105. (I probably should have used scare quotes around 'slugging'.)

I hope that this is just a case of a small sample size -- anybody can hit anything in just a few at-bats. But, if it's not, and this is a sign that Castilla's reverting to sea-level form, or that his alreadly-long career has careened off that cliff, it won't mean the season's over.

Brendan Harris *yay!* or Carlos Baerga *shudder* could step in and fill the void. Harris definitely and Baerga possibly could put up numbers that would compare reasonably towards the stats Castilla's projected to produce. Both would be a downgrade defensively, but there are certainly bigger problems to worry about on this team.

The only harm that would come is the $6.2 million 2-year contract. That's a lot of money for you or me, but it's not a crippling loss if they had to eat it, even with a team with a limited budget such as this.

But, that's all worst case scenario. My patented CRAP system has him down for a .235/ .295/ .425 season, with 22 home runs 73 RBI and 432 outs made (16 whole games worth!) What's your prediction?


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