Friday, February 18, 2005

They're Slightly Defensive Down In Florida

Florida Today columist Peter Karasotis writes about how special DC fans are going to find Viera, spring home of the Nationals.

I don't know why, but I always get a kick out of these parochial articles--kind of like the fluff the local columnists write when they hold the Super Bowl. Yeah, I'm sure it's a boost to the local economy, but that's fleeting. Is anyone going to be inclined to visit Viera because of the connection with the Nats at any time other than during Spring Training?

So what if Washington Post columnist and PTI talking head Tony Kornheiser pokes fun at Viera, questioning where the town is by musing, "Viera, named for Meredith, I guess."

Ha, ha.

I guess when you have a major theater award named after you -- and not after your last name, but your first -- you can poke fun at us plebes. But the jab did ruffle Space Coast Stadium general manager Buck Rogers.

"If Tony wants to find out what Viera is all about, then he needs to come down here and take a look around, and welcome to the neighborhood," Rogers said. "This is a happening, growing town. And when they're done, it's going to be even more special than it already is."


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