Thursday, February 17, 2005

Not In Time(s)

The Times forgot to update their website this morning, which they're finally getting today.

They've got a notes column with a few of the same things the Post covered: Armas and Livan.

They also have our first quote from Esteban Loaiza, talking about the booing he got in NY.
"They didn't just boo myself, they booed [Derek] Jeter and A-Rod [Alex Rodriguez] all the time, but every time they came up with a big hit, everybody loved them," Loaiza said. "If you pay attention to that kind of stuff, it's going to wear you down. For myself, it wasn't bugging me at all."

Get used to it. There are lots of people who learned to cheer in NY and Philly. We've been stretching our vocal chords. It's spring training for us too! :P

Alex Escobar makes an appearance too.
I'm very happy with the trade," Escobar said. "It's a better opportunity, a legit opportunity, actually. I see myself in a better position than I was in Chicago."
If Escobar performs well this spring, there's a chance he could make the roster as the fourth or fifth outfielder.
"Right now, it's like a fresh start for me," he said. "There ain't no living in the past, I just move forward. My time will come. Hopefully, this is it. I'm mentally prepared to establish myself here and start my career like I should have four years ago."
Hopefully, Endy Chavez is paying attention.

Oh, and they answer my question from this morning. There are
just 10 players unsigned: outfielders Terrmel Sledge and Endy Chavez, infielders Henry Mateo and Brendan Harris, and pitchers Luis Ayala, Francis Beltran, Chad Cordero, Zach Day, Jon Rauch and Claudio Vargas


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