Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday's Child

Alright, just some random notes today with my usual overly-wordy comments thrown in.

--RHP Claudio Vargas (last item) showed signs of tendinitis in winter ball and didn't participate in all drills yesterday. Vargas isn't expected to compete for a starting job, was pretty miserable last year, throwing up a 5.25 ERA in 118 innings. He started the year in the rotation, but was in the bullpen by the end. He was pretty effecive as a starter in 2003 and will have to hope he reverts to that level of ability.

--When asked about the lineup, Frank Robinson failed to list Terrmel Sledge. Conspicuously not absent? One Mister Endy Chavez. Although, it does note that pending Endy sucking hard, Wilkerson would slide over to center.

The Dry Erase Board knows all. At least for now.

--From the same article, Brendan Harris reported early. Harris, who came over from the Cubs in the Nomar-Cabrera four-way, should have a decent chance to make the team as a reserve infielder. But, if that white board is right, he's waaaay down on the depth chart. That's pretty ridiculous, because Harris is probably ready for the majors now. The good news is that he's still relatively young (24, I think?). Hopefully a solid season in New Orleans will give him a chance to push Vinny Castilla to the bench next year.

--The Times claims that Frank wants to go with more of a closer-by-committee approach. At this point, given Cordero's success in that role last year, I'm assuming that this is just posturing, not wanting to put additional pressure on Cordero and giving him some psychological breathing room.

I'd like to say that this represents Frank adopting optimal bullpen usage strategies, but I'm definitely not holding my breath.

--More on the radio front.
Selection of the radio announcers could occur as soon as today, a choice led by the Nationals with Bonneville input, and Tavares also is hurriedly seeking to expand the radio network with more stations in the region

--On a related note, the DC Examiner has an interview with a Bonneville Exec about the agreement.


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