Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Cacophony Begins

Yep, Spring Training is actually quite brutal for a fan. I like what it represents but the two-month-long tease leading up to the big date in April just doesn't seem worth it. Good things come to those who wait, but that doesn't mean I want to be tortured along the way.

Lots of stories today, but, as the number of stories increases, the actual news content decreases. I've got my machete and I'm goin' in.

--Jose Vidro's beginning to take grounders, at least every other day, as he rehabs his knee. He's optimistic, as is everyone this early in the spring.
"That's one thing that me and the trainers are going to discuss," Vidro said. "Obviously, early in spring training it's not going to be able to go full. . . . It's a process, and even if I say I'm 100 percent, they're not going to let me go 100 percent out there."

--Boswell continues auditioning for the "Best American Sportswriting" series with his rhapsody on Frank Robinson and how he shapes the team's personality. I'm sure every columnist in the country writes a similar column at least once a year.

--The Times writes of FRobby's high expectations.
"I expect this team to play better baseball than 83 wins," Robinson said yesterday on the day pitchers and catchers reported for spring training. "I think we have more talent overall. I think this is the best all-around defensive team I've ever been around as a manager. We'll be solid at every position defensively, and that helps you win ballgames. So I feel like this team is capable of winning more than 83 ballgames."
(In case you're wondering, Frank Robinson was hit by a pitch 198 times in his career. I don't know how many of those nailed his head.)

--The pitching staff was rough last year, but there's room for improvement. This is probably the best assesment of the Nationals pitching that I've read. Good job, Barry!
"We have to be realistic," General Manager Jim Bowden said. "This team lost 95 games last year. But I think the good thing going in is we do have five pitchers, if healthy, that have the potential of being 12- to 20-game winners, that have the potential of throwing 180 to 200 innings. All five of them.

"Can we get it out of them? I don't know."
And I'll include this, solely for the unintended comedic potential:
[RHP John] Patterson missed 10 weeks with a groin strain, but said Tuesday he felt "rejuvenated."
I'll say!

--Here are your generic "Welcome to spring training" articles. Almost forgot one!

--The Post looks at efforts at expanding youth baseball programs in the city.
Backed by the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation and Major League Baseball, their goal is to have 10 Pitch, Hit and Run competitions in the city in April, with the hope that hundreds of children will participate. The prize, after several levels of competition, will be a chance to compete at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in June, where top area performers will earn a trip to a national competition during festivities at the Major League All-Star Game in Detroit in July.

--DC United released their schedule. Their biggest trick will be the game on April 23, sandwiched between Nationals games on the 21st and 25th.

--More love for Jose Guillen:
[The Angels] weren't about to put up with the talented but mystifying Guillen, who hit 27 homers but was self-absorbed and sensitive to criticism. The Angels traded him to the Washington Nationals, where he'll get his seventh "fresh start."

--MLB bought Given their recent power grab for fantasy baseball rights, it'll be interesting to see how the consumer gets screwed this time.


  • I'm sure every columnist in the country writes a similar column at least once a year.Yes, Philly phans have been inundated with articles about the positive vibes that continually emit from Charlie Manuel.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/16/2005 11:39 AM  

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