Thursday, January 27, 2005

Which Flavor Kool-Aid Is Boswell's Favorite?

Ol' Tommy's column today is brutal. Just brutal. I think the 1985 Tom Boswell would hang his head in shame at the thought of producing this sorta drivel.

It features the usual Boswell saws:
1. Seething at Angelos/Cheap Shots
2. Blinding Optimism at the Nats Chances
3. Manipulation of Statistics to Bolster his Argument
4. A Woe Is Us, We're a Poor Little Team Doing So Much With So Little Attitude. (That should probably be hyphenated!)

He's correct in his general point, that the Orioles should be focusing more on putting a winning team on the field than whining. (Actually, on some of the signings, the Orioles probably made the right decision to not bid higher.)

But, that's an argument he can make without resorting to some of the distortions he makes in his column.

I like reading his columns for the passion and the energy that clearly shines in his words. But, when you get past the glossy finish, there isn't a lot of subtance to the arguments he's using.

UPDATE--Nationals Inquirer eviscerates the column more eloquently than I did. Plus, he noted an error so blindingly obvious, I can't believe I missed it. Of course, if the lead columnist and all the copy editors of a major newspaper missed, don't blame me! :)

UPDATE PART 2--Even more people are popping up blogging about Boswell.


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