Monday, December 06, 2004

Uniformly Exciting

Buried at the bottom of a boring recap of the owner's vote is a little nugget about the uniforms:
The Nationals plan to unveil their complete uniforms on Dec. 13, almost certainly by bringing one of the current players to Washington for a public appearance. Hats -- red for home, blue on the road -- are already on sale. The home jerseys will be white with "Nationals" in red letters with a blue-and-gold outline stripped across the front. The away jerseys will be gray with "Washington" in blue letters with a red-and-gold outline across the chest. Both jerseys will button down the front and have a "DC" logo on one sleeve.
That sounds plain. But plain is definitely a good thing!

The only time it's not is when you're playing Madden football and decide to dress your football team in hot pink with lime-green trim.

In a somewhat-related article, the Post details the excitement of the new team store--in a van down by the river.


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